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Artificial turf construction process

What are the construction methods of artificial turf?

1. Check and accept the basic engineering.
Clean up the debris in the foundation. If there is any unevenness, it should be repaired and leveled in time. The construction site must be

clean to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and construction quality.


2, measurement and stakeout

2.1. Perform measurement and stakeout according to the planning of the design drawing.

2.2. Use theodolite or other precision measuring instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the size of the sports field. If

there is any unsuitability, it should be corrected immediately, and the allowable error is 5 mm.

2.3. Pavement:

2.3.1 Spread the turf on the ground according to the original specifications. The turf should be overlapped by 3~8mm.

2.3.4 Cut the overlapped turf evenly with a lawn cutter. The seam should not be larger than 3 mm.

2.3.5 Lay the lap cloth under the cutting area, and use the glue applicator to brush the bonding glue on the bonding surface. After the fingers are dry, they are bonded and knocked firmly.


3. Description of turf bonding construction process

3.1. The bottom surface of the turf to be bonded, the interface cloth, etc. must be cleaned, and the surface must be dry and free of moisture.
3.2. The ambient temperature should be above 5℃ for construction. Furthermore, it is not suitable for construction under rain and mildew

weather, otherwise it will lead to long bonding time or even non-sticking phenomenon.


4. Specific construction process:
4.1. Gluing: It is required to use a glue applicator to apply a uniform thickness on the surface, and do not apply glue repeatedly, otherwise blistering or even falling will occur. Use a glue applicator for the base cloth, strictly control the thickness of the glue, pay attention to the proper speed of glue application, and apply the glue on the two bonding surfaces to be bonded respectively.
4.2. Stickiness: According to the actual influence of the temperature, humidity, air pressure and other conditions at the time, reasonably control the drying time. Generally, within 10-30 minutes after the glue is applied, the glue should reach 80% to 90% dry and not stick to the touch. When bonding, it is required to align and stick firmly at one time, and must not move the bonded objects back and forth after bonding.
4.3. Pressurization: After bonding, remove the debris on the surface, and use a special rubber hammer to hammer hard from the bonding point to both sides, so that the surface is fully contacted and dense, and the bonding is stronger.
4.4. Curing: The curing time is generally three days, and the final strength of the test is generally ten days. During the curing period, care should be taken to maintain, avoid exposure to the sun, water immersion and movement, and the best bonding state has been reached.
4.5. After bonding, before sprinkling quartz sand and rubber particles, an imported cleaner should be used to clean the turf cut fragments of the field.


5. Precautions for construction:
5.1. During construction, do not expose the adhesive for too long, as the solvent volatilization will cause the adhesion to be too large and unable to be applied.
5.2. If the temperature is too low, it can be heated to 15-20℃ with hot water, and the original state can be restored without changing the performance.


6. Pavement of quartz sand and rubber particles:
6.1. When spreading, a spreader must be used for spreading. Quartz sand is required to have a roundness of more than 80% and a diameter of 0.2-1.5mm.
6.2. Quartz sand and rubber particles can be laid only after the artificial turf field material has been installed.
6.3. Quartz sand is poured in N times according to the design sand quantity. Professional combing equipment must be used to comb the quartz sand repeatedly to make the quartz sand fall sufficiently dense after each spreading. Any impurities found in the paving must be removed immediately to ensure quality.
6.4. The laying of quartz sand shall be checked for smoothness and sufficientness, and the deficiencies shall be filled appropriately.
6.5. Fill the quartz sand with rubber particles, the method is the same as that of the quartz sand paving.

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